Complex Systems Summer School 2011-TShirts

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Complex Systems Summer School 2011

Symbol Network by Topic


A network in symbols, that was pretty much the idea. I guess the concept picture (based on actual data) needs not much more explaining.

I used the data from the survey to represent us by keyword (I hope 34 entries will represnet us sufficiently). It is not perfect yet: I would like to merge economy + business keywords, and I think something complexity (SFI logo?) should be in the middle. Also, the size of the symbols is correlated to the degree of the node (but I just approximated it). The graph is from Gephi, some other stuff could be done with it.

SymbolNetwork.png Media:Slide-Version.ppt

If this would turn out to be our final design, I would very much love someone help with finalizing it, I guess we should be finished within an hour. (EH)

-- That's a pretty neat idea. [whoever got this idea] for president! -AA

--I understand that you're trying to use cultures for part of this t-shirt, but that lowest image is a tad... um... could we change it if this is the t-shirt?--> Yes, sure, just suggest anything that you think is better! (EH)

-- Design concept is awesome. I propose non-white background. Perhaps New Mexico yellow? -DBB

-- So if anyone would have a suggestion for a different logo, please post it here.

***WINNER*** What does theory mean to you? #tweet


Recently, we had a great conversation that illustrated how theory means very different things across disciplines. We want to capture these different meanings of theory in an artistic t-shirt design.

We need your help! We have created a very brief Survey Monkey survey. Please take a just a minute to describe what theory means to you, limiting your description to a tweet-length 140 characters.

Since we want to make sure we don't miss anyone, we will hunt down and survey in person those who don't use the online survey. :)

Thanks so much for your help!

Zoe, Cali, Michael, and Lydia

And here are the results. First, version one of the front:

Ts1 f.png

Version two of the front:

Ts2 f.png

A pretty but less meaningful version of the front:

Ts3 f.png

The back:

Ts1 b.png

The words are yours (those that contributed). The colors represent the fields that you work in. The ordering is random.

Another (probably obvious) idea

I thought it would be neat to take the social network some of us are working on of the group and make it into a pretty graphic, perhaps allowing each person to pick an icon or color to represent themselves. This could go on the T-Shirt, perhaps around or within another design or border.

Ronnie 17:21, 14 June 2011 (UTC) (U.N.M, K.S.C, P.O.E.E.)

I Lorenz Chaos

Although I would never actually wear this.


Word maps & networks

We came up with a couple ideas. A word map based on Clio's keyword survey and a network based on geography (the countries where students are from and have studied or worked). Here is one version of a word map and a demo network with 10 people we sampled. The network has the people as unnamed nodes and places as named. The keywords show the breadth of study and the geography shows the international flavor of CSSS while highlighting that we are all connected through SFI. Geography could also be entered as a word map as SFI would still be by far the largest word. We could also combine keywords and geography in a word map. Lastly, one of these ideas could be used on the back of a shirt in concert with another design on the front.... And lastly lastly, the specific formats can definitely be modified. -Anna, Eugenia, and Michael J


Csss11 geonet.png


here's the new version, slightly modified (tshirt style)

Word maps & more

Eugenia, Michael and Anna


I like the "flowers" a lot, but let's change the wordle. How about taking the words from the "what is theory" question. -Kam

I like it :) -Eugenia


There are some good t-shirt ideas on here already, but just thought I would throw this one out there...

Our interest in the work of SFI is a common thread among all of the participants, so I created a sandpile of SFI logos (one logo per participant with a total of 55 logos). So, this design with certainly win the award for most SFI logos used!

Tshirt idea tom sandpile.png
File:Tshirt idea tom sandpile.pdf

SFI Pseudo-fractal

Final logo sfi1 smallestT.png

It's dorky

Yeah, I'm a great big nerd. Suggestions welcome on how to reduce the textiness.


Crank up ze voltage

I just did this in the last ten minutes using paint... and i realize my lack of artistic ability... but i just wanted to get the idea out there...


Our Keyword Network (not a formal submission, but just an idea)

CLICK ON ME: File:Untitled.pdf