Complex Systems Summer School 2011-Tutorials

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Complex Systems Summer School 2011

CSSS participants come from a wide range of disciplines. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge by organizing their own tutorials.

Also, please post requests for tutorials here.

High Performance R

I (Christian) am leading a "High Performance R" tutorial Thurs 23 June at 6pm in the Great Hall. I'll talk for 30 minutes, and then spend 30 minutes working with folks. If anyone has any general R questions, I'll aim to stick around from 7-7:30 to chat.

You'll get the most out of this if you get the following software up-and-running prior to the meeting.

Make sure you can run Rstudio.  Inside Rstudio, do the following:
 * Go to the Tools menu
 * Select "Install packages"
 * Select a mirror in the US
 * Install the following packages:
   - inline
   - Rcpp
   - RcppArmadillo

X14n 04:13, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Public Speaking

Would anyone be interested in a public speaking workshop? More specifically, the public speaking module I'd suggest is on presenting one's research to those who are methodologically but probably not substantively inside one's own field (which is a phenomenon that one observes extensively inside complexity research). I can also offer a more basic public speaking workshop if there's any interest. - Nini


I'm down, [Nini]. (JP)

Complex Systems for the Uninitiated (JP)

After merely tying the "Best Effort" award at the CSSS/Bread Loaf mixer, I've decided to one-up my competition and see if anyone is interested in hosting "Complex Systems for the Masses" lecture for the Bread Loaf folks. I think it might be fun/helpful to evangelize to the uninitiated.

Let me know if you're interested. It's always fun to watch people's eyes go wide when they learn about completely new and exciting topics. (JP)


Not sure if we have many unscheduled evenings. Maybe on Friday night? (JP)