Erik Edlund

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Complex Systems Summer School 2011


I'm a PhD student in the Complex Systems group at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; my advisor is Martin Nilsson Jacobi. Almost empty homepage

My research interests mainly lie in the intersection of the fields of complex systems and statistical physics. At the moment I work mainly on self-assembly with isotropic potentials, trying to find theoretical tools allowing us to understand what happens in typical assembling systems as well as how to design potentials leading to desired structures. I've also done work on renormalization of cellular automata and am interested in using renormalization theory to construct a general theory of hierarchies in dynamical systems, though that project is a bit on the back burner at the moment. Some papers

Much of my spare time is spent on music; I play the violin, sing and do a bit of (~musical) amateur theater. I also train Capoeira when time allows.

Below is a word cloud constructed from the text of my papers. Idea courtesy of Aaron Clauset. WordcloudEdlund.png