Ellsworth Campbell

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Complex Systems Summer School 2014
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I'm a PhD Candidate in the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Penn State (Salathé Group). In August, I start work as an ORISE Fellow at the CDC in Atlanta, GA. Contact. I'm staying in Calliope 10A.

  • Digital epidemiology [1]
  • Evolution of antibiotic resistance and optimal antibiotic-use strategies [2]
  • Public health impacts of health behaviors that spread from person-to-person (social contagion) [3]
    • Optimal vaccination strategies when susceptibility is clustered on a network
  • Infectious disease management by improved ventilation when increased vaccination coverage is not feasible
Academic Interests
  • Open Source & Open-Access without exception (GitHub)
  • Leveraging interactive media for scientific outreach and citizen science
    • Developed a browser-based game about epidemic prevention called Vax
    • TA for Coursera MOOC on Epidemics
  • BS in Human Biology from UC San Diego in 2009
  • MS in Biology from UC San Diego in 2011
  • PhD ongoing at Penn State / CDC (expected 2016)

My interests are extremely broad so I'm open to anything but partial to infectious disease dynamics. Like all of you I am here to explore, network, cultivate new skills, and step outside my comfort zone. I've listed topics & skills that might be relevant to CSSS projects.

  • Infectious disease dynamics
  • Evolutionary theory w/ specific experience in antibiotic resistance tradeoffs
  • Social contagion processes (simple, complex & dynamic adoption)
  • Network construction, manipulation and analysis
  • Agent-based simulations in Java & Python
  • Mass Action PopGen models in MatLab
  • Data Visualization in D3.js, Gephi & ggplot2
  • Data Analysis via Python & R w/ exposure to PostgreSQL
  • Web Development in Ruby on Rails, Javascript & CSS
  • Video games (more than I'd like to admit)
  • GeoPolitics
  • Hiking/Camping (when whether permits)
  • Poker (Texas Hold'em)
  • Billiards (8-ball & 9-ball)
  • Trees & Pineapples and such