Degang Wu

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Complex Systems Summer School 2014


Currently I am a PhD student receiving Hong Kong PhD Fellowship at the Hong Kong University of Science Technology (HKUST) in the Department of Physics. I received my bachelor and master of philosophy degrees from HKUST. My current research interests include dynamics in opinion formation system or other complex systems, and stochastic games. I have worked on evolutionary games (prisoner’s dilemma, emergence of cooperation) and genetic algorithms. I have published my research in journals such as Physical Review E, in conference proceedings such as EvoStar.

Selected works:
Evolution of Grim Trigger in Prisoner Dilemma Game with Partial Imitation
Partial Imitation Hinders Emergence of Cooperation in the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma with Direct Reciprocity
Extended Parrondo's Game and Brownian Ratchets: Strong and Weak Parrondo Effect

contact email: dwuab at