Complex Systems Summer School 2019-Lecture Slides

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Complex Systems Summer School 2019

Dave Feldman

Introduction to CSSS

Scaling Crash Course

Information Theory Crash Course

Project Coordinators Schweikert & Di Felice

Introduction to CSSS Group Projects

Liz Bradley

Nonlinear Dynamics

Joshua Garland

Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

Srividya Iyer Biswas

Laws of Life, Time & Chance (SFI Community Lecture Video)

Stefani Crabtree

Modeling Past Human Societies

Jennifer Dunne

The Roles, Function and Impacts of Humans in Complex Ecological Networks

Geoffrey West

Searching for Simplicity and Unity in the Complexity of Life: Cells to Cities, Companies to Ecosystems, Milliseconds to Millenia (aka "Scaling")

Cris Moore

Computational Complexity (2018 version, 2019 coming soon)

Data, Algorithms, Fairness, and Justice

Melanie Mitchell

Ascents and Collapses of AI

Kirsten Moy

Complexity for Social Change

Aaron Clauset

James Crutchfield

Information in Complex Systems A

Information in Complex Systems B

Maria Riolo

Making Sense of Networks

Seth Blumsack

The Power Grid and Complexity Science

Simon DeDeo

Information Theory for Intelligent People

Bayesian Reasoning for Intelligent People

Daniel Larremore

Networks & Hierarchies

Artemy Kolchinsky

Machine Learning from a Complexity Point of View