Antoine Allard

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Complex Systems Summer School 2011
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I am a second-year PhD student in the Physics Department of Université Laval in Québec, Canada. I am a member of Louis J. Dubé's research group.

Research Interest

My research is mainly focused on complex networks and their use to understand the propagation dynamics of infectious diseases in human populations. More specifically, I work on developing and/or improving mathematical formalisms describing the bond percolation of complex networks. I am also interested in Information Theory and Bayesian Inference, although I have not done serious research about it. Finally, I find interdisciplinary research, in general, very motivating.


  • Network Science and Graph Theory
  • Programming: C++, Matlab/GNU Octave, LaTeX
  • Linux (Ubuntu) and Open Source Softwares in general


I approach my CSSS experience with an open mind. I simply hope to learn much about other aspects of Complexity Science. I would however be glad if some of the concepts learned at CSSS could influence my future research.


I do not have anything specific in mind. It would be great if I could deepen my knowledge on a new subject via this project.

Personal Interests

  • Music: listening and playing (guitar, bass, and soon double bass)
  • Scotches and Artisanal beers
  • Outdoor activities: hiking, climbing (beginner), camping, etc.