Ali Kharrazi

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Complex Systems Summer School 2014

Ali is a researcher at the Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo. His research interests include: sustainability science, complexity, big data, science technology society, and future studies. Ali holds a PhD in Sustainability Science from the University of Tokyo.

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Selected Publications:

Kharrazi, Kraines, Hoang, Yarime. “Advancing Quantification Methods of Sustainability: A criti- cal examination emergy, exergy, ecological footprint, and ecological information-based approaches”. Ecological Indicators. (37) 2014.

Kharrazi, Yarime, Trencher. “Sustainability and the Robust Delivery of Resources”. WIT Transac- tions on Ecology and the Environment (v.181), WIT Press, 2014.

Kharrazi, Rovenskaya, Fath, Yarime, Kraines “Quantifying the sustainability of economic resource networks: An ecological information-based approach”. Ecological Economics, 90, 2013.

Kharrazi and Yarime. “Quantifying the Sustainability of Integrated Urban Waste and Energy Net- works: Seeking an Optimal Balance between Network Efficiency and Resilience”, Procedia Environ- mental Sciences (13) 2012.

Trencher, Yarime, Kharrazi Co-Creating Sustainability: Cross-Sector University Collaborations for Driving Sustainable Urban Transformation, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2012.

Foster, Kharrazi “Contrarian Profits and Trading Volume in the Short Term: Evidence from the Tehran Stock Exchange”, The Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, (17:5), 2007.

Working Papers:

Yarime, Masaru, and Ali Kharrazi. "Resilience in Energy Systems: Implications for Public Policy and Strategy for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)," Working Paper prepared for the Project on Sustainability Transformation beyond 2015 (POST 2015). (Working Paper)

Kharrazi, Yarime, Kraines, Rovenskaya, Iwata. "Exploring Potentials of a Data-Intensive Approach for Sustainability Quantification" (Under Review).

Kharrazi, Li, and Akiyama. "Evaluating the Evolution of the Heihe River Basin from 1950 to 2013 Using the Ecological Network Analysis" (Working Paper)

Kharrazi, Fath, Scharler. "Trends in the Efficiency of Trade Networks: An Application of the Point-wise Mutual Information Methods" (Working Paper)