2011 Presentation Schedule

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Complex Systems Summer School 2011

9:00-9:15: "Modeling Marriage Squeeze." Cristina Bradatan, Chris Glazner, Nathan Wang, Cristina Metzger

9:15-9:30: "A Generalized Model of a Synthetic Genetic-Metabolic Oscillator." Ed Reznik

9:30-9:45: "Fragility and Food Webs in Southwestern Colorado: an Analysis of Interconnectedness in Castle Rock Pueblo." Stefani & Lydia

9:45-10:00: Evolution Challenge Question, Sean Roberts and Andrew Tinka

10:00-10:15: Empty slot (originally earmarked for Martin/Sean, but that will be rolled into "Chaotic music generation, aka DJ Chaos(es)")

10:15-10:30: "SFI explanations of music neuroscience." Victor Quintanar-Zilinskas

"The Fifth Rule: an agent-based modeling approach and possible applications based on real data." Elliot Aguilar, Nora Connor, Alejandro Fajardo, Matteo Gagliolo, Josh Garland, Eugenia Polizzi

10:45-11:00: Break

11:00-11:15: "Routing for Robustness on Wireless Sensor Networks." Andrew Tinka

11:15-11:30 Tomas Veloz

11:30-11:45: "Self-organization in a heterogeneous bacterial biofilm." David Borenstein and Erik Edlund

11:45-12:00:"The Suicide Model Project." C. Bradatan, J. Garland, C. Gunning, C. Metzger, S. Singh, C. Andris

12:00-12:15: Break

12:15-12:30: Network Challenge Question. Michael Johanson, Shweta Singh, Yangjing Long, Guido Montufar, Martin Gould

12:30-12:45: Complexity Challenge Question, Chris Glazner, Fran Moore, Shweta Singh, Ryan Baird, Jason Veneman, Michael Lightfoot, Lydia Smith, Nini Zhang

12:45-1:00: "Some genes have many partners: Detecting biological modularity." Aaron Brooks, Antoine Allard and Yangjing Long

1:00-1:15 "A Cellular Automata Model for Common Pool Resource Management" Zoe Hamstead, Michael Sachs, Nadja Kunz, Alejandro Fajardo

1:15-1:30 "CSSS (social) network challenge" Anand, Cali, Evelien, Randy, Taka, Stefani

Closing: "Chaotic music generation, aka the Chaotic Attractors!" Anna Deluca, Martin Gould, Sean Roberts, Nini Zhang

Special Presentation