William Chang

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015


Natively of Taipei, Taiwan, I received a PhD in Physiology from the Weill Cornell Graduate School. Postdoc affiliation TBD at time of writing. I did my graduate research in the computational biology lab of João Xavier at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on theoretical ecology-inspired mathematical models of interactions between cancer cells and host cells of the immune system or stroma. As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, I studied molecular biophysics. Currently, I aim to find ways to infer the organizing interactions and ‘first principles’ of complex biological systems, from tumors to microbial ecosystems to signaling networks, from genomic and expression data.

My toolbox currently includes agent-based modeling and nonlinear dynamical modeling, and hopefully will soon absorb statistical mechanics, information theory, and graph theory. I believe major gains will be made both in the application of complexity theory to the phenomena of large-scale biological systems such as populations and regulatory networks, and in expanding complexity theory with whole-system biological data.

How any of these concepts relate to my side non-career of producing ambient electronic music is yet to be seen.