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2007 Public Lectures

Dan Rockmore is Professor of Mathematics at Dartmouth College and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. He is the author of Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis and co-author of Music and Computers: A Theoretical and Historical Approach. Rockmore is a semi-regular commentator for Vermont Public Radio; his essays and reviews appear in the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, and other media.

Discussant: D. Eric Smith, Professor, Santa Fe Institute

All too often we see mathematics and the arts as two different sides of the science/humanities coin. In this talk Rockmore explores a place where the two come naturally together through new research. In today’s world in which almost all aspects of life are brought to the common medium of the computer, it is now possible to quantify and extract the style of an artist via computation. Examples are gleaned from the literary, visual, and dance arts, and include applications to the problem of authentication.

Wednesday, June 13 at 7:30 pm

James A. Little Theater

New Mexico School for the Deaf

1060 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe