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Santa Fe Baldy and Lake Katherine Planning


Weather for Santa Fe this weekend

Looks like (and reviews say) a beautiful hike -- people are really into Lake Katherine. Route would go up from Aspen Basin, acroos the ridge lines above Lake Nambe, down to the Meadow, and into the Lake. Reports indicate that Santa Fe Baldy gets an 'unusual' number of lightning strikes, so best not to attempt it post midday. So over-night at Lake Katherine, and then climb Baldy in the morning, head out, possibly via Lake Nambe for lunch.

Total trip distance:

  1. Aspen Basin - Lake Katherine (via ridgeline) ~ 8.4 miles (~15km)
  2. Lake Katherine - Aspen Basin (via Baldy) ~ 8.3 miles (~15km)

Who's Coming

(please let me know if this is wrong)

  1. Simon Angus
  2. Andy Bell
  3. Will Braynen
  4. Monika Piotrowska
  5. Amelie Veron

Event Plan

(***) we need to organize transport there and back...!


  • 7:30am eat breakfast at St John's
  • 8:00am (sharp) be leaving St John's by car/taxi/bus???***
  • 9:00am about now be walking out of Aspen Basin
  • walk to Lake Katherine via ridge-line walk, and meadow
  • overnight at Lake Katherine, enjoy the stars and lake (see reviews below for what this is like)


  • pack-up, walk to junction with SFBaldy track, leave packs and climb to the summit
  • pick up packs, walk back to Aspen Basin
  • be back to St John's for dinner...


Sleeping & Carrying

Who Tent Sleeping Bag Sleeping Mat Pack
Simon WLtent own own own (90L)*
Will B WLtent WLbag WLmat1 WLpack*
Andy own own own own(size?)*
Monika SAtent Liz WLmat2 own(small)
Amelie SAtent Lizmat own(small)

WL = William Ludington's equipment (tent(2/3-man), 2 x sleeping mats, 1 x sleeping bag, stove + cooking equip.)

(*) Between the boys, I think we can probably manage taking the girls' gear. So that's cool.


Each person will need to 'borrow' from the refectory:

  • 1 x plastic plate
  • 1 x plastic bowl
  • fork, spoon

Will L has kindly given us to use his stove and pots, which will need some fuel (gas canister), but should suffice

  • another cooker would be good


Lake Katherine is pretty high up (11,700 feet, or ~ 4,700m, about 1,700m above St John's College) so we should prepare for a cool evening and overnight...

Must haves

  • water-bottle (as large as you have, min 2 L)
  • sturdy walking shoes, or equivalent
  • warm socks
  • thermal top, or warm under-shirt
  • polartec jumper, or equivalent
  • rain/wind jacket
  • sun-hat, or lots of sunscreen
  • walking pants
  • long-pants for apres-walk
  • toiletries, medications
  • toilet paper
  • bag to water-proof contents of back-pack*
  • sunscreen
  • torch, or head-torch (one between two?)

(*) I have a spare


  • insect repellant
  • second-pair shoes for apres-walk
  • camera, tripod?
  • sunglasses
  • lip-balm, or equivalent
  • swim-suit (for the Lake)
  • gloves
  • book, note-book, sketch-book, water-colours, binoculars, cards ... ?!?


We need to organise:

  • 2 lunches (take things to make sandwiches, some fruit etc.)
  • 1 dinner (pre-dinner eats, buy some vegies, a rice-base or something, perhaps some salami and combine, dessert + a drink or two)
  • 1 breakfast (take some breaky cereal (?), milk powder? (or real milk?), fruit, cinammon bagels?)
  • .. trail snacks .. (assortment of yummie things)


Wheeler Peak Planning


Car-trip: 117 miles, (suggested 3hrs): St John's to Taos Ski Valley

Walk distance: 7.4 (private route notes, see below) - 8 miles (National Parks)

DIfficulty: Intermediate -- Expert

Climb: Just under 4000ft


Resources for CSSS Participants

Photos from CSSS07

Lake Nambe Hiking Trip


  • Email me if you would like to see some more photos from this trip (I will email you the .zip file).

About me

G'day all,

Walking in the Malverns (GB) with my nephew, Lachlan.

Just saying hello here -- other work-related stuff is below. Tried to find a photo bushwalking in the Australian mountains, but I'm usually behind the lense, rather than infront of it, so this is the best I could do -- walking in the Malverns -- hills near to where my sister was studying in Oxford, GB. The other pic is taken of a beautiful stand of Eucalyptus trees (mainly Eucalyptus pilularis (Blackbutt) or E. saligna (Sydney Blue Gum)) in the Blue Gum Forrest -- a famous walking destination to the West of Sydney, Australia, where I work. Sadly, the forrest is mostly destroyed now due to bushfires that hit in the recent Summer. A shame, but I thought I'd share them with you all the same.

The Blue Gum forrest, Blue Mountains National Park, West of Sydney, Australia.

I'm working at the School of Economics, University of NSW, Sydney, Australia. My background is in engineering/chemistry, and have continued to be fascinated by self-organizing systems -- then studying self-organizing polymer membranes, and now, studying self-organizing/endogenous network formation processes in human interaction networks. This means working in game theory, graph theory, and computational modelling of human behaviour -- specifically trying to ask, What is the outcome of a system of interacting individuals who are able to change their interaction environment themselves? Follow the link below for more info on this, including my recent PhD dissertation on the topic.

Other than walking, other things I'm into include going to church (I currently attend Unichurch, UNSW), mountain running (see The B-List) and road and mountain biking.

I was in Santa Fe in 2004 and am looking forward to becoming an 'ossy' again...

See you in Santa Fe!


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