Sabrina Narvaiz

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High School Prize for Scientific Excellence 2014


My name is Sabrina Narvaiz. I am a senior at Capital High School. I was born in and live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After high school, I plan to attend New Mexico State University for a pre-veterinarian program and will later transfer to Colorado State University to become a Doctor of Veterinary Science and minor in microbiology. I have completed a mentorship at Gruda Veterinarian Hospital and have received many college credits for both Eastern New Mexico State University, and the Santa Fe Community College. I am also a participant in the Health Occupation Students of America club in which I have been an officer for two years, received the 2013 second place metal for medical photography and the state title for the 2014 veterinary science competition. Science is a large part of my life and am excited to expand my knowledge in the coming years.