High School Prize for Scientific Excellence 2014

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High School Prize for Scientific Excellence 2014


"It is important to encourage students in the community to pursue science as an academic pursuit in college and beyond. If this small award signifies anything, it signifies our commitment to the youth of today and to say how important we think their scientific achievements are" - Murray Gell-Mann

The annual Santa Fe Institute and Santa Fe Alliance for Science Prize for Scientific Excellence and Prize for Outstanding Teacher awards recognizes those members of the local Santa Fe area high schools who best embody the spirit of scientific pursuit found at the Santa Fe Institute. Since 2008, the Santa Fe Alliance for Science has cosponsored the prize with the Santa Fe Institute. The Prize for Scientific Excellence is awarded to one graduating senior from each of the Santa Fe high schools. The students are selected by their teachers for academic excellence, originality and creativity in either the sciences, mathematics, or computer science. The prize includes a cash award, a certificate of recognition, and a copy of Complexity: A Guided Tour by Melanie Mitchell. The Prize for Outstanding Teacher this year will be awarded to one Santa Fe area high school and one middle school teacher who demonstrates special achievement in advancing science education, as recognized by the educational community. The prize includes a cash award and a certificate of recognition.

The Santa Fe Institute and the Santa Fe Alliance for Science extends our congratulations to our 2014 student and teacher honorees.