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Risk: The Human Factor

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Held at Morgan Stanley World Headquarters, 41st Floor, 1585 Broadway, New York, NY

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Summary: The analysis of financial risk often focuses on properties and characteristics of the financial system that may lead to increased instability and, in extreme cases, systemic failure and collapse. A property of the system that receives less attention than it deserves is the human element, both in the design and operation of financial markets and in other components of the financial system. This topical meeting will examine the human factor in financial risk from the perspectives of behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, and will integrate those perspectives with views from leading members of the financial community.

Speakers Include:

  • Edward Thorp, Hedge Fund Manager, Author, former Professor of Mathematics, Noted Blackjack Gambler.
  • Nicholas Barberis, Stephen and Camille Schramm Professor of Finance, Yale School of Management
  • Elke Weber, Jerome A. Chazen Professor of International Business; Professor of Psychology, The Earth Institute, Columbia University
  • Vincent Reinhart, Managing Director and Chief US Economist, Morgan Stanley
  • David Laibson, Robert I. Goldman Professor of Economics, Harvard University
  • Phillip Tetlock, Departments of Management and Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
  • Gregory Berns, Department of Economics, Emory University