Michael Smallegan

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015


Michael Smallegan is a researcher at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Epigenetics Theme. His current work focuses on elucidating the mechanisms of short timescale biomolecular memory. In particular, exploring how the epigenome integrates information from mitochondrial metabolism and how adaptive mechanisms interact when they operate at diverse timescales spanning many orders of magnitude. His work aims to bridge computational biology and biochemistry by leveraging both wet lab techniques and in-silico experiments. Prior to his time at WID, Michael received a BS in Interdisciplinary Physics from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor with a focus on complex adaptive systems inspired by his experience with the Center for the Study of Complex Systems at UMich. His long term research goal is to approach an understanding of the ways in which biochemical networks perform computations and leverage this to enable new “wet” mediums of computation.