GWCSS Alumni Conference Travel

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2019 GWCSS Alumni Conference - celebrating 25 years

Travel Information

Flights to Santa Fe or Albuquerque

You can book a flight to Santa Fe Airport (SAF) or to Albuquerque Airport (ABQ). ABQ is usually less expensive but not always, so check on both airports.

If you are traveling far and can afford it, you may want to arrive on Tuesday. You can stay at an inexpensive hotel near the airport and catch a shuttle to Santa Fe on Wednesday. If you are traveling from sea level, a night at 5,500 feet can be helpful for adjusting to high altitude before coming to Santa Fe, which is at 7,000 feet. As you may recall, it is wise to drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep the day you arrive.

NOTE: Book Shuttles once you have your flight. It will be summer and shuttles fill up fast.

RoadrunnerShuttle (SAF to Santa Fe hotels)

SandiaShuttle (ABQ to Santa Fe locations)

Accommodations are each particpants responsibility to book and pay for during the conference and weekend.

Wishing you safe travels.