GWCSS Alumni Conference Participants

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2019 GWCSS Alumni Conference - celebrating 25 years


Participants and their affiliation will be added as they register.

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Brad LeVeck, University of California Merced – USA

Constantin Hartmann, Universität Bremen – Germany

Dawn Parker, University of Waterloo – Canada

Elizabeth Roberto, Rice University – USA

Jiin Jung, Claremont Graduate University – USA

Jordan Ackerman, University of California Merced – USA

Ketika Garg, University of California Merced – USA

Kirbi Joe, University of California Irvine – USA

Lawrence De Geest, Suffolk University – USA

Lynette A. Shaw, University of Michigan – USA

Mario Molina, Cornell University – USA

Martin Ganco, University of Wisconsin-Madison – USA

Matt Miller, University of California Davis – USA

Matthew Zefferman, Naval Postgraduate School – USA

Niclas Lovsjö, Linköping University– Sweden

Nikolos Gurney, Carnegie Mellon University– USA

Qi Hao, Michigan State University – USA

Robert Letzler, US Government Accountability Office – USA

T. Martin Smyth, Stony Brook University – USA

Zackary Dunivin, Indiana University – USA