For Concordance in Macro-historical Datasets - Readings

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Readings and Presentations


Kintigh et al. Cultural Dynamics, Deep Time, and Data. Media:Kintigh&al2015Advances.pdf

Kintigh et al. Grand Challenges for Archaeology Media:PNAS-2014.pdf‎

Murdock and White. The Standard Cross-Cultural Sample. Media:eScholarship UC item 62c5c02n.pdf

Turchin et al. A Historical Database of Cultural Evolution. Media:eScholarship UC item 2v8119hf.pdf


Rob Brennan Media:SeshatDacuraPart1.pdf

Rob Brennan Media:SeshatDataModel.pdf

Carol Ember Media:Carol_Ember.pdf‎

Kevin Feeney Media:Kevin_feeney.ppt

Paula Sabloff Media:Paula_Sabloff_Concordance.pdf

Peter Turchin Media:Peter_Turchin.pdf