Federico Battiston

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

Trained as a statistical physicist at Sapienza University of Rome, I moved to London for my PhD to take part in the EU-FP7 Project LASAGNE. My expertise is in the field of complex multilayer/multiplex networks. My work embraces both the structure and dynamics of such systems, at a theoretical and applied level. With regard to the structure, I worked on generalizing the notions of degree and edge distributions, clustering and communities. With reference to the dynamics, I dealt with a number of different processes, such as random walks and opinion dynamics. My interests are interdisciplinary and I have recently been working on applications of network theory to neuroscience (studying the interplay between structural and functional brain networks), biological networks (investigating the evolution of bacteria population), social (characterizing social cultures in societies) and economic systems (economic complexity and the world trade web). Looking forward to undertaking new projects at CSSS, both at a theoretical level and on data-driven topics with people having a different background.