Farm Party 2017

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Complex Systems Summer School 2017

Farm Party! Barbecue! Bonfire! Maybe Fireworks! Monday July 3, ~5-10pm.

Camping is also a possibility if people would like to try that.

We'll need a bit of self-organization to get this started: Throw in if you feel like bringing something to the party and use this page to organize efforts.



BattleWagon 4Runner (5 seats)

  1. driver Aaron
  2. vicki
  3. Carlita
  4. burcu
  5. Laura

JP's "I make poor financial decisions" Volkswagen GTI (5 seats)

  1. JP
  2. Yael
  3. Marjan
  4. Ella
  5. Maartje

JP's "Why do you have two GTI's" Other GTI (5 seats)

  1. Andrew F Johnson (shot gun driving the GTI ;) )
  2. Tim
  3. Tom
  4. Cat
  5. Valérie

Orbit (Shanee's car - 5 seats)

  1. Shanee
  2. Martina (driver)
  3. Jake
  4. Hilje
  5. Freya

Prius (MITRE Rental, 4 seats)

  1. Elaine
  2. Damon
  3. Kyle L.
  4. Huang

Vale's car ()3+driver

  1. Vale (driver)
  2. Deepa
  3. Emily
  4. Kayla

Schmetterling's Car (Nayely) (5 seats)

  1. Nayely
  2. Adrián
  3. Ramona (driver)
  4. Jeremy
  5. Alicia

Josh G's Car (5 seats, leaving @ 5:30pm)

  1. Josh (driver)
  2. Rachel
  3. Alberto
  4. Stefan
  5. Rémi

Spencer's Bu (5 seats) -- Ideally would like someone to DD on way back

  1. Spencer (driver)
  2. Jose
  3. Zhiya (I can drive back)
  4. Surendra
  5. Marco

Madison's Car (4)

  1. Madison
  2. Katarina
  3. Alje
  4. Carlos

Dave's Rental Car (4-5)

I'll be in front of the student center/bookstore around 5:15. I'll be in a dark red Nissan.

  1. Dave
  2. Greg
  3. Mark
  4. Elliot
  5. Jirka

Dan's Car (5 seats, Needs driver)

  1. Dan
  2. Ulf (will DD, but when and where do we meet?)

Has a car but needs a sober driver

Willing to sober drive but needs a car

  1. Martina - I'm driving Shanee's car...
  2. Abdel

Wants to camp at the farm

Looking for a seat

  1. Uzay
  2. Cigdem
  3. Basak
  4. Hugo
  5. Chris


  1. JP: Burgers, Hotdogs, Bratwurst, Ice, Venue
  2. Aaron: Corn on the cob (assuming there's room to grill 'em)
  3. Cat: Bananas and chocolate in tinfoil for the fire (it's a NZ thing) - I think it's an anywhere in the world thing ;) (anonymous peer review)
  4. Andrew: 1 Brit, 1 American, 2 Kiwis and 1 Dutch (all drunk (bar the Brit))
  5. Adrián: Sweet potatoes!
  6. Ramona: hummus and vegge
  7. Rachel/Nayely/Ramona/Valerie: smores (turn up)! and stuffed mushroom things
  8. Martina: lasagna + fruit salad + tomato salad
  9. Marco: I'll prepare Carbonara at JP's, but I need to get the ingredients first
  10. Tim: potato salad
  11. Cigdem: Chips and dip
  12. Alicia & Burcu: 2pi! One sweet, one savory.
  13. Hilje: tabouleh-like quinoa salad (the store didn't have mint though, so a bit improvised)
  14. Tim&Stefan: Plasticware (100 plates, 60 cutlery sets, countably infinite napkins)
  15. Spencer: Buns for meat
  16. Dave: Veggie burgers & beer
  17. Ella: chocolate cake
  18. Emily: beer

Supplies Needed

  1. Drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)
  2. Condiments
  3. Cups
  4. More alcoholic drinks

Party Fund

JP is being incredibly generous by hosting this party, so a few of us were thinking that it'd be nice to chip in to cover the expenses (e.g. meat for 80 people and fireworks...). To facilitate things and equalize everyone's spendings we'll use If you want to contribute, download the app and message me your phone number or email on Slack so I can add you to the group. -Stefan