Complex Systems Summer School 2017-After Hours

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Complex Systems Summer School 2017

Please use the wiki to plan social events.

Current Events

Fancy Dinner

Let's get off campus for a nice dinner. Sazon, 7:00pm.

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Music on the Hill

St. John's College hosts a Music On The Hill event every Wednesday afternoon.

Past Events

Monday 12 June 7:30p: Brainstorming Session

We are meeting to brainstorm some project ideas and potentially have a few brews here at St. Johns... let's meet at the Koi Pond in the central area. We may walk over to the pool tables around 8

UPDATE: we are in the lower commons area; join us!

Thursday 15 June: Art on the Balcony

Get creative juices flowing with early morning watercolor painting on the balcony overlooking the koi pond. We will try to provide materials but additional supplies are welcome. Sign up below if you are interested.

Bleu Knight
Alex Jurgens
Deepa Rao
Anand Nair
What time? 7 AM was what we had in mind- see you all then!

Friday 16 June: Dual Brews

Kick back and grab some brews at Dual Brewing Friday night after dinner.

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Saturday 17 June: Beautiful music from Balkans and Mideast

Rumelia Collective Summer Concert | San Miguel Mission | Saturday, 17. June 2017, 7:30 PM
at the San Miguel Chapel 401 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe Suggested donations: $15-20 general admission, $5 students, children under 12 free

Anyone interested

  • Uzay

Tuesday 20th June: Drawing on Complexity Workshop with Briony Barr

5:45PM - 8:45PM

Come enjoy an evening with artist Briony Barr as we create a one-of-a-kind emergent art piece.

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If anyone is interested in reviewing the footage of the Drawing on Complexity experiment and brainstorming some ideas for how to analyse it quantitatively, please join me in the main hall on Thursday after dinner. I will project a very slowed-down version of the time-lapse footage and we can reflect on emergent patterns. Also, if I have managed to procure a hacksaw, we can do some tape-ball cutting.

1. Kyle Lemoi


Rodeo de Santa FE! Friday, June 23rd, 6pm

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Meow Wolf - June 23 trance with DJ Amani or June 24 dance party w/Justin Martin

Yoga & an intense lineup of trance DJs on Friday

We will probably go a second time, but this Saturday is dance party night! Make your own way there for this one, no need to sign up.

Meow Wolf is an immersive and interactive art experience. If there are more than 10 who want to go, we can get a discount! Add your name and any time constraints to the signup sheet.

I also heard that if you eat the Tortilla Flats, you can get a discount to MeowWolf. Dinner and a gallery?

(JP) Yeah! Tortilla Flats is a great New Mexican restaurant to boot.

Meow Wolf Sign-Up

Saturday 24 June: Bandelier

Hiking at Bandelier National Monument ! Interesting pre-Columbian ruins with a neat nature hike. Additional stops by Los Alamos and the Valles Caldera considered.

Bandelier Trip Sign Up Page

Saturday 24 June: Wheeler Peak

Bigger Hike To Highest Mountain in New Mexico Hiking at Wheeler Peak Leaving early Saturday morning (6AM), possible stop in Taos for lunch/dinner.

Wheeler Sign Up


        • UPDATE**** June 28th, Wednesday

The stars are out and shining here in Santa Fe. Let's go stargazing one night and use Google Sky Map as our guide to the stars and planets. If you're interested, include your name below:

Update: 10pm-12pm Wednesday June 28th! Meeting up at the overlook on top of our local mountain, just before the Santa Fe Ski Area


JP's Car:

  • Deepa R.
  • JP!
  • Cat
  • Martina
  • Marco

JP's GTI Car

  • Driver needed - Kyle L.
  • Alberto
  • Alex Jurgens
  • Ramona Roller
  • Basak

Vale's Car (3 more spots):

  • Vale
  • Uzay
  • Anand
  • Ella
  • burcu

Shaneee's Car:

  • Shanee
  • Ximo
  • Carlita
  • Maartje
  • Laura

Madison's Car:

  • Madison
  • Tim
  • Alje
  • Stefan


  • Elaine B
  • Tim
  • Hilje
  • Yimin Zhou
  • Aaron
  • Ulf
  • Shing
  • Valérie
  • Jake Weissman

Ghost Ranch and Ojo Caliente, Saturday July 1

We're planning to go on a hike around Abiquiu, and the head to Ojo Caliente, which is an awesome spa with hot springs. I'm going to propose the Kitchen Mesa trail in Ghost Ranch, which is a beautiful part of Northern New Mexico located on the ranch where [Georgia O'Keeffe] spent much of her life painting the scenery. There are also guided horseback tours of the ranch that pass by Georgia's house, which people could do, and a few other hikes there as other options.

The Spa entry [fee] includes access to the public mineral pools, Mud Pool and steam and sauna 8 am - 10 pm every day.

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Get ready for a great New Mexico-style farm party at JP's farm south of town! Sign up here!

Book Club # 1 : 25th of June

Let's have a book club :) The idea is to read chapters 7 and 8 of the book "The Origin and Nature of Life on Earth: The Emergence of the Fourth Geosphere".

Time : Sunday evenings, after dinner, where we had the speed dating (time and place can be changed)

I will print chapter 7 and distribute it to people who would like to attend. Since we also need time to read it, would be nice if you write your name on the list before Wednesday (21st of July) morning :)

Waiting to see your names on the list!

1. Burcu Tepekule
2. Joaquin Pechuan Jorge
3. Chris Miles
4. Shanee Stopnitzky
5. Makoto Jones
6. Jake Weissman
7. Hilje Doekes
8. Yao Liu
9. Ramona Roller
10. Greg Britten

Santa Fe Flea Market

Time, TBD


  • Deepa R.
  • Markus Junginger
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Carla Rivera
  • Alex Jurgens
  • Martina
  • Briony
  • Damon
  • Elaine
  • Anand
  • Basak
  • burcu
  • Surendra
  • Jake Weissman
  • Freya

Santa Fe Wine Festival - July 1 & July 2

July 1 & July 2 (Saturday and Sunday), noon to 6pm. Pay 18$, drink as much wine as you can.