Complexity: Out of the Box Thinking Touching Tomorrow's Science - Bios

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Sander Bais, Workshop Director

Murray Gell-Mann., Remarks on the Santa Fe Institute

Stephanie Forrest, The Nature of Computation

Chris Wood, Santa Fe Institute Business Network

John Rundle, Modeling catastrophic events: From earthquakes to markets

James H. Brown, Human Macroecology

Tanmoy Bhattacharaya,Theories and treatment of infectious disease

Jerry Sabloff, Archaeology as a complexity science

George Gumerman, Tour of SAR, On the Human Experience and tour of Pecos Wilderness

Geoffrey West, The Physics of Urbanization

Doyne Farmer, A complex systems perspective on the economy and economic modeling

Chuck Stevens, The brain and mind from a complex systems perspective


Stephanie Forrest: File:The Nature of Computation.PDF

James H. Brown: File:Human Macroecology.ppt

John Rundle: File:Modeling Catastrophic Events.pdf

Chuck Stevens: File:The Brain and the Mind from a Complex Systems Persective.pdf

Publications Mentioned in Talk:

James H. Brown, Energetic Limits to Economic Growth, James H. Brown

Jerry Sabloff:
1. Breaking the Maya Code, Michael Coe
2. Collapse of Ancient States and Civilizations Yoffee and Cowgill
3. Archaeology Matters, Jerry Sabloff