Collective Decision Making: From Neurons to Societies - Follow On Activities

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Potential Group Projects

Along with projects inspired from the self organized science sessions.

Human collective decision making (combining experimenters and modelers). Can we understand better town meetings this way? Student government? Role of naive individuals in decision making. Gentrification and urban planning applications. Collective dynamics in classrooms (classroom design, projects and learning).

What are the commonalities between neural science and social insect models? Can neuroscience help understand the individual behavior of a social insect?

How can our understanding of individual bias influence our understanding of collective decision making?

Corporate collaborations on using collective decision making to improve organizational performance.

Applications of these ideas to language and linguistics.

Applications to strategies in sports.

Can we improve technologies to gather better data (data tracking of individuals, analyzing data, etc.)? Machine learning techniques to analyze data set?

Using novel pheromones to gain insights into behavior. Also, are there easy chemical methods that could immediately indicate the presence of pheromones.

New forms of artificial robots for investigating ant and bee systems, or other ways to manipulate what is happening like the bee stop signal.

Have a workshop that focuses on one or two, real time, experiments (or simulated) systems. (Related to biology boot camps.)

Starting an annual conference on collective behavior (a'la ALife).

How can we improve human decision making using collective decision making ideas?

What new areas of mathematics need to be developed that would be useful in this area?

Importance of this work to cell biology and the potential for it to form a conceptual framework in this area. Collective migration of cells, embryogenesis, alignment of cells, immune system activity, etc.

Evolution of social decision making. How did we end up where we did?

Potential Funding

Bioinspired decision making (NSF and defense).

MacArthur Foundation program in law and neuroscience.

Applications of these ideas to business issues (e.g. DDB and swarm marketing, business organization), national security issues (DARPA, ONR, MURI on flocking, etc.), etc.

Various NSF initiatives on multi-disciplinary science.

What about NIH? Social interactions and collective decision making may have big impacts on health (e.g., smoking, etc.).

Gates foundation (stopping locusts in Africa, etc.)