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CSSS Argentina 2008

Please see the Logistics page for additional information.

Traveling to Bariloche from Buenos Aires:

BY AIR: From Buenos Aires, most flights to Bariloche depart from the domestic flights airport Aeroparque (AEP), approximately 19 miles from the international flights airport Ezeiza (EZE). We suggest that you schedule a minimum of 4-5 hours between your flight's arrival at one airport, and your connecting flight's departure from the other. The trip might take anywhere from one to two and a half hours, depending on traffic. Fares can vary wildly, so it is important to know the right price range and negotiate in advance of the ride. The best option is to get a ride through one of the companies that operate from booths inside the EZE airport. We recommend that you use Manuel Tienda Leon. Make sure that you SAVE YOUR RECEIPT AND SUBMIT IT FOR REIMBURSEMENT: we will reimburse up to US$30.00 (approximately 90 argentine pesos) for your ROUNDTRIP shuttle fare, or US$15 (45 argentine pesos) for one-way fare. Please note that you MUST provide an original receipt for reimbursement; we can not reimburse the expense without an original receipt.

BY BUS: There are numerous bus lines that serve Bariloche. Terminal de Autobus de Retiro is the main terminal for long-distance buses in Buenos Aires. For bus lines, schedules, ticket prices, and booking services on all bus lines operating from Retiro, see Omnilineas.

Travel Reimbursements:

If you have been awarded a travel scholarship, you will be reimbursed with a check in U.S. dollars at the end of the program. We must have ORIGINAL receipts before issuing your check. It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for your travel to Bariloche. Please e-mail electronic receipts to Lee Goodwin as soon as you have made your travel arrangements.

If you purchased your tickets in a currency other than U.S. dollars, we will convert the currency amount to U.S. dollars with the exchange rate for the date on your ticket receipt. The online currency converter that we use is Oanda.

Ground transportation between airports in Buenos Aires will be reimbursed to all participants, after presentation of original receipts, regardless of whether a travel scholarship was awarded.

Please note that if your return flight departs from EZE, you will be required to pay a "Departure tax" of US$ 18 (US$ 8 to Uruguay and domestic flights) after check-in, on top of any boarding taxes already paid. Argentine pesos or US dollars are accepted. SFI cannot reimburse this expense.