Artificial Neural Networks

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Willing to offer an introduction to ANNs if anyone is interested! Mollie Poynton

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  • Yes, I'd love it. Vikas
  • very interested. --jd
  • same here. Amir
  • I would like to attend. Saleha
  • I would do anything to learn how to build an attractor neural network. -Mike

Hey - that's an interesting statement :) Unfortunately, I can't help with attractor neural nets. - MP

  • Count me in. --James
  • interested - Nate
  • Ya i would like to know also. --> Natasha
  • I will be there--rhonda
  • I will also attend--Spyro

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Excellent web site for learning about ROC analysis!

D.E.Rumelhart, G.E.Hinton and R.J.Williams "Learning internal representa-tions by error propagation." In David E. Rumelhart and James A. McClelland, volume 1. The MIT Press, 1986.

Bishop's book on Artificial Neural Networks




SAS Enterprise Miner, Statistica Data Miner, Matlab, all implement neural networks of some kind...

Academic pricing available for Neuralware software