Anna Andreyevna Zaytseva

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015


I am doing my PhD in Information Systems at the University of Oslo in Norway (3rd year), and soon I am going to get my degree. I apply the approach of Complex Adaptive Systems to generate a stepwise method to study mutual shaping between technologies and law, so the space in between those two – at the edge – is in focus. That space is a CAS with memory. I have two case studies of radically different e-health technologies of Norway, and each case has an own CAS. A CAS initially consists of about a hundred to almost a thousand smallest elements depending on the scale of a case. The elements are legal as norms & values, technologic as technical & conceptual, and social in situ & ex situ for the design work. Having appeared once, the elements of each CAS re-appear in time and increase in quantity to several thousand, what makes the memories be path-dependent and highly interconnected inside. Although the research is completely qualitative, manual and bottom-up, it provides a non-linear analysis of the phenomenon of mutual shaping between technologies and law with large visual representations at each subsequent step conducted in accordance with rules, which I have generated from one case study and replicated in another. In my method, I trace causalities in the CAS(s) and test a hypothesis whether attractors in the legal environment are shared among the design works on those technologies. Three attractors from four vs. six are shared, whereas the remaining ones invite a third case study. Unique technical implications in specific shapes and their information loops with the legal environment are indicated and the reasons explained. The research provides a transdisciplinary path for studying the complexity between law and technologies and calls specialists in the local fields – law, design studies and organization science – to examine the findings in detail by use of their own discipline methodologies.

My own initial background is in law, which I got at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics in Russia, and I wrote my Master’s thesis on policy analysis of standardization in six innovation markets of the European Union, what I did at Linköping University in Sweden. Besides, I have work experience both in public and private organizations. I am very interested in technologies and their architectures, as well as approaches to anticipate future. I have my own home library in Complexity Science that I consider to be advanced transdisciplinary methodology in harmony with nature. Therefore, at CSSS 2015 I am particularly interested to learn more about emerging transdisciplinary approaches for data analysis, where meanings behind words play crucial role. I am also concerned about visualization issues, co-evolution phenomena, bottom-up analytic strategies for complex systems research, information theory aspects, and simplicity behind the variety of self-organization forms. I vote for proper respect of sciences to each other, their synthesis and tight international collaboration, what I want to work for. So, I am also looking for colleagues and friends.