Andrew Revkin

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Summer School on Global Sustainability

A prize-winning science writer and author, Andrew Revkin has been a reporter for the New York Times since 1995, mainly covering environmental issues in their social and political context. His in-depth coverage of global warming since 1988 won one of journalism's top honors in 2008 - a John Chancellor Award. His blog, Dot Earth, engages the public in a discussion of strategies for balancing human activity with the planet's finite resources. He has written books on the Amazon, Arctic, and global warming and two book chapters on the media and the environment. With a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, he is preparing to write his next book on the path toward 9 billion people.

Revkin has taught graduate-level communication courses at Columbia University and Bard College.

In spare moments, he is a songwriter and performs in the roots band Uncle Wade.

Some relevant background:

-Book chapter on media and the environment The Daily Planet: Why the Media Stumble Over the Environment -Blog post on Andrew Hargadon's "netstorming" concept: The Networked Path to Breakthroughs

- Scientists as citizens

- IUCN manifesto

- Herman Daly - Growth Economics on a Finite Planet

- Gross National Happiness

- "Six Americas" survey of divisions on climate.

- Public attitudes on climate.