Summer School on Global Sustainability-Research Agendas

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Summer School on Global Sustainability

Opportunities for Complexity Theory to Advance Climate Change Research, by Christa Brelsford, Regina Clewlow, Joseph Geddes, Gina LaCerva, Ha Nguyen, and Adam Wolf

Improving the Epistemological Basis for Energy Policy Modeling and Analysis, by Danny Cullenward

A Research Agenda to Sustain and Enhance Ecosystem Services, by Greg Gong, Sharon Gourdji, Ione Hunt von Herbing, Nir Krakauer, Anthony McGinnis, Nathan Mueller, Derek Robinson, and David Zaks

Behavior and Culture: A proposal for achieving timely and enduring social responses to climate change by Yazidhi Bamutaze, Sam Borgeson, Catherine Bottrill, Alan Bush, Jerome Dangerman, Alison Hagerman, Andy Jones, Jennifer Kane, and David Sammeth

Climate Change: Translating Science into Policy, by Samir Doshi, Carla Frisch, Gregory Jones, April LaCroix, Johnson Nkem, Fernando Ona, and Moira Zellner