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2007 Keynote Speakers:

  • Keith A. Rhodes, PE, CCP, Chief Technologist, Director, Center for Technology & Engineering, US Government Accountability Office

The Mind Has No Firewall: Experiences from Active Testing: We are a small group that tests the security of the executive branch departments and agencies on behalf of the legislative branch. I will give an overview of what our experiences have shown as being effective break-in techniques, not just technological but social engineering techniques as well. I will also point out how social engineering is an aspect of technological failure, and is usually the root cause for the failure. Finally, I will explain the attack scenarios that we see emerging and what we have to do to counter them.

  • Prof. Erol Gelenbe FACM FIEEE FIEE, Professor in the Dennis Gabor Chair, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Imperial College London.

An autonomic approach to denial of service detection and defence: Prof. Gelenbe's research develops probability models in the computer and information sciences. His recent work has included "Autonomic Networks" . He has contributed seminal work on the performance of random access multi-user communications, on diffusion models of multiprogramming systems, on the adaptive control and performance of virtual memory systems, on optimum checkpoints in databases, on the evaluation of database operations, and has introduced new product form queueing network models that incorporate control functions (such as workload re-routing and work remobal) called "G-networks". His work on models of spiked neurons and their learning algorithms has resulted in the design of an "autonomic" packet network (CPN: the cognitive packet network) which uses neural networks in each node for routing decisions.

2007 Papers Presentations:

  • Eric Ashdown, Microsoft
  • Debi Ashenden, Cranfield University
  • Mike Corcoran, CPNI
  • Richard Ford, Florida Tech University
  • Mark Drew, BT
  • Hong Li, Intel
  • Steve Marsh, UK Cabinet Office
  • Miranda Mowbray, HP Labs
  • Philip R. Moyer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • John Vincente, Intel
  • Jeremy Ward, Symantec
  • Rita Wouhaybi, Intel