Zhi-hai Rong

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Hi, I'm the fourth year Ph.D student in the department of Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I got my BS and MS in the department of Control Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology. I'm interesting in understanding the interaction between the structure of complex networked systems and the dynamical behaviors taking place on them, for example, the spatial game theory, etc. I'm looking forward to making more friends and learning more in the summer school. My email is

Below is my answers for Dr.Dave Feldman's questions:

1. What topics do you have some expertise in and would you be willing to help others learn them?

I'm willing to talk some topics about the structure and function of complex networks,evolutionary game theory, control theory.

2. What do you want to learn at the CSSS?

Complex adaptive theory, biology theory, non-linear dynamics and soon on

3. Do you have any projects or research interests that would benefit from an interdisciplinary approach?

I think the interaction between the structure and function of complex networks is a hot and interdisciplinary topic.

4. Do you have any ideas for what sort of project you would like to do work on with other CSSS students this summer?

I have not ideas for it, but I will try to do it during the summer school.

5. Suppose you could travel one-hundred years in the future and ask researchers any three questions. What would those questions be?

How to understand and solve the non-linear behaviors? How to understand the cooperative behaviors existing in nature and human society? What is the essential of our living world?