Yulan Zhang

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Yulan Zhang

Hi all, I'm Yulan Zhang. I'm a senior student in Information Engineering at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

My main interests focus on modeling, analysis and application of complex systems in networks. The dynamic processes that drive the structural evolution of large inter networks in complex communication systems over time and have important implications for the performance of these networks and the actors that compose them.

It is the very impressive moment that I heard the theory of Reaction Nets explained by Prof. John Holland in the public lecture of the CSSS2005. As for the chemical modeling in the enlightening from the school, I found it is very interesting in establishing the adaptive system. This intrigues me of more passion for the research and interest to the CSSS to expand the knowledge and experience for farther research.

My favourite includes design, playing traditional eastern zither, travel, tennis, ping-pong, basketball, etc. And I also would like to share the happiness and unique feelings in Beijing with you.:)

I'm really looking forward to meeting you and learning with you all!