Yazidhi Bamutaze

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Hi, I am Yazidhi Bamutaze from Uganda. My academic background is largely in Geography. I am currently registered as a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography, Makerere University in Uganda. I am also employed in the same Department as an Assistant Lecturer.

My research work in Uganda has largely been in the fragile montane ecosystem in Uganda. These regions are complex owing to the terrain challenges but are also highly productive and heavily populated. Consequently I have been studying land degradation, its drivers and sustainable interventions, particularly soil erosion and sedimentation especially on Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda. In a broader context I have also tried to understand interfaces between scientific outputs/results with community perceptions in the same ecosystems. Of late, I have also picked interest in climate change issues in these communities with particular focus on adaptation issues and community perceptions of the threat of climate change. I have also been engaged in studies addressing land use and land cover change impacts in the Lake Victoria basin in East Africa.

I look forward to this workshop were I expect to enormously learn from my peers as well as senior scientists on sustainability issues and am keen to see where my experiences in Uganda will fit.