Xiaobing Feng

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Hello, I am Feng Xiaobing. I finished my BA in economics NanKai University China, then spent 3 years in Banking and Finance for my Msc and Mphil in King's College London and London School of Economics. Currently I am a part-time Msc student in Control System in Shanghai JiaoTong University.I wish to investigate the complex China financial system by a new approach, which motivates me to join this Complex Summer School. I am looking forward to meeting you all soon in July.

Answers to five questions:

1. What topics do you have some expertise in and would you be willing to help others learn them? As an economic major student I can explain such topics as price(including asset price rate) formation,price fluctuation or cascading failure in a currency network.

2.What do you want to learn at the CSSS? 1)How information transmitted from an informed trader to an non-informed trader in a currency network? Can we use Convolution Theorem to define uninformed with a function with bad features and informed with a function of good features,then the bad one(uninformed) is convoluted into good one (informed). Then all traders will behave in the same way like send/buy order simultaneously, which may lead to cascading failure. 2)SWARM

3.Do you have any projects or research interests that would benefit from an interdisciplinary approach? Not a concrete one.

4.Do you have any ideas for what sort of project you would like to do this summer? Formulate a world currency network, and analyse its features like small work,scale fee; then specify two or three types of traders to function within the network to see what is the consequence:a crisis or smooth evolution?

5.Suppose you could travel one-hundred years in the future and ask researchers any three questions. What would those questions be? 1)Do they use same currency all over the world like the idea of EURO spreads globally. 2)What kind of population pattern do they have? 3)Have China ever won the man football worldchampion once?