Wrap-up: Gain control in molecular signaling -- lessons from neuroscience

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By Ilya Nemenman, LANL.

We have assembled this workshop with the goal to discuss computational primitives that unite information processing and, more generally, computation across various scales of living systems, from protein dynamics, through systems neuroscience, to societies. The hope has been that these different fields will cross-fertilize each other and lead to synergistic advances.
I will briefly review my own recent attempt to bridge the neuro-molecular gap. I will discuss gain control, or gain adaptation, in molecular circuitry, and how recent advances in a similar problem in dynamics of a fly motion-sensitive neuron have lead to elucidation of a new mechanism of gain-compensation in molecular sensing.
With any luck, the workshop will create many similar gap-bridging opportunities, and I will try to summarize any such "epiphany" moments in this wrap-up talk as well.

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