Workshop preparation guidelines

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Four timeseries datasets and two spatial snapshot datasets have been delivered to you. All data are model generated but nothing is known of the underlying porcess or whether they approach or not a critical transition. The timeseries are made up of 10,000 data points each whereas the spatial snapshots are 50x50 matrices.

We expect you to use the techniques that you are experts on and most of you have already proposed as indicators for the detection of early-warnings. However, we certainly encourage you to apply any other test you think it may be interesting. Issues like robustness, significance of results, false positives or negatives are also welcome to be explored.

Keep in mind that the aim of the workshop is to develop a common framework that explains and compares the various methods. To this end, working through the datasets you may consider using tools/ writing code/ or presenting results using open source software (we strongly favor R).

Please feel free to contact Vasilis for any issue regarding the files or other clarifications.