Wei Yu

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About Myself

I am currently a PhD student in Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. I received my bachelor’s degree of CS in 2006.

My research major is theoretical computer science. My current research interest is design and analysis of massive data set processing algorithms, especially near linear space data structure analysis.

My homepage:

Answering the Questions

If anyone is interested in, I can give a brief introduction to the computational complexity theory, as well as the problems theoreticians concerns in the field of TCS. Well, if you are interested, we can have a discussion on animations and comics, too. ;) I'd like to learn what the other people concerns in computation, and what the key problems in other fields.

I do not have the ideas fully in my mind, but in certain parts of theoretical computer science, some of the people concerns about games, which is usually "played" by large population. I think in many other areas, they will have the same observations. And in recent years, the idea of social network thrives in the field, I am somewhat interested in reading the problems in this area. I hope there will be others interested in the same topics.

Finally the three questions. Well, this is too trivial, I think an algorithm which predicts the stock price in one hundred years will be the best. :P Anyway, for researcher it could be a little too difficult. So easier ones:

1. Is P=?NP the correct question to ask? 2. What is the new practical computation model? 3. Can AI replace human?