Ulya Bayram

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016


Ulya Bayram, University of Cincinnati

Ulya Bayram is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. She has received her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in top universities in Turkey and Spain with full scholarships. She started her PhD studies at University of Miami in Florida. She has since transferred to the Computer Science program at the University of Cincinnati. Ulya has been a Research Assistant for five years, beginning in her senior year of BSc. education.

Currently as a Research Assistant, she is working on multiple projects funded or supported by major organizations, including NASA, The World Bank, and Illinois Natural History Survey. Her area of research mainly focuses on providing solutions to complex Machine Learning problems. She has six publications on various fields of research including remote sensing image classification, video processing, and user behavior predictions in storage systems. Ulya is the Graduate-Student Liaison Chair of ACM-W at UC, working on recruitment of more women to pursue education in engineering fields.