UML for Complex Systems

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Proposed Topics

  1. Review Unified Modeling Language for those new to UML
  2. Discuss established mechanisms for using UML on large/complicated[sic] systems
  3. Discuss how to convey complexity when projects are using UML models



  • Brian Lawler - I'm pretty strong on #1 and #2 above. #3 is a topic that interests me and wonder if anyone has any insights on this.
  • Amelie Veron - I have vague memories about UML and would love to listen to a quick review and then discuss #2 and #3 !
  • Alex Healing - My UML knowledge is close to nil but would be interested in sitting in on the session
  • Aaron Frank - My UML knowledge is also close to nil, but I may be tested on in for my comps!
  • Olaf Bochmann - I would like to know what is new in UML 2.x and what kind of tools are available.