Tong Tong

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Hi everyone!

As a college senior now, my major for undergraduate is physics and I will start my graduate program in mathematical models for economy this summer. I am addicting in the use of physics and mathematics when it comes to describing the human society and biologic problems, especially using agent-based modeling. I have been doing some work on labor transfer in china and money exchange model. Now I mainly interest in stock market.

I like traveling and making fun with friends, the picture is taking on the top of Tai mountain this spring,I am the left one.

Waiting for the great summer with you all in E-mail is cucu420(at)gmail(dot)com.feel free to contect with me

08 Tai mountain 58.jpg

consideration about Feldman's quention:

1. What topics do you have some expertise in and would you be willing to help others learn them?

social dilemma via computer simulation(mainly about labor transfer);particle simulation of plasma.

2. What do you want to learn at the CSSS?

complex system and agent based modeling in different fields.

3. Do you have any projects or research interests that would benefit from an interdisciplinary approach?

I am interested in the analogy between economic system and statistical physics

4. Do you have any ideas for what sort of project you would like to do work on with other CSSS students this summer?

I would like mostly to do some work about economic system, like money exchange and stock market. But any other interesting subject may atrract me

5. Suppose you could travel one-hundred years in the future and ask researchers any three questions. What would those questions be?

1)Are quantum mechanics and theory of relativity right?

2)What is the smallest particle in the world?

3)Do you worry about the enviroment of the earth?