Tohanh Nguyen Bui

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My full name is Tohanh Nguyen Bui. I'm an upcoming senior at Oak Grove School, a vegetarian school located in Ojai, CA.

Hobbies: I love being outdoor, either to hike around or simply just to lay on the grass. I enjoy painting, dancing, playing music, reading, and writing. Overall, I'm just a super artsy person.

Sports: My main sports are tennis and volleyball. I play for the school's varsity tennis team and am a captain for the JV Volleyball team.

Music: I play the trumpet and bass guitar mainly.

Art: I humbly call myself an artist and love visual/performing arts in every way.

What makes me different: I like educational challenges and thus love hard-core and complex subjects such as math and science.I don't like easiness when it comes to education.

Other facts: I am a Michael Jackson maniac (really, MANIAC!)

Why I chose this program: All the programs, including my educational choice, that I have been a part of are mostly drawn on the most crucial aspects of the future. I've done so due to my awareness that my generation is the future of the world. I strongly believe that I matter and thus have the power to change the future. Your Complexity and Modeling Program is about educating the youth to understand the systems that, as I may quote you, "are most critical to our future -- economies, ecosystems, conflict, disease, human social institutions, and the global condition." I found this statement align with my purpose and mission, which made your program a great fit for me. I do believe that I can learn a lot if given the opportunity , and that the knowledge I learned, I can bring it back to my community. IMatter March.jpg