The Thermodynamics of Natural and Artificial Distributed Computational Systems- Speakers

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David Wolpert – “The Thermodynamics of Artificial and Natural Computational Systems”
Tom Ouldridge – “Stochastic thermodynamics of finite automata, Turing machines, etc.”
Christopher Lynn - “ Energy, function, and irreversibility in the brain”
Brad Aimone - “Neuromorphic computing”
Farita Tasnim - “Stochastic thermodynamics of communication channels”
Joe Pardiso - “Experimental platforms for investigating thermodynamics of distributed computational systems"
Zoltan Toroczkai - “Thermodynamic costs of algorithms”
David Limmer / Massimilliano Esposito / Nahuel Freitas - “Stochastic thermodynamics of realistic models of CMOS circuits”
Eric de Giuli - “Thermodynamics of generative grammars, and relevant results from spin glass theory”