Teci Pulido

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Hi! I'm Teci, or Maria Teresa R. Pulido. I'm finishing my first year as a PhD Physics student in the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

I love complex systems! In my undergraduate years I studied econophysics, while during my master's I focused on information propagation (otherwise known as gossip!). :) I stayed for my PhD simply because I love research, specifically complex systems :)

A photo of me can be found here:

File:Teci SPP.jpg

Incidentally that picture was taken when I was presenting a poster during a national physics conference where I talked about my work in information propagation as well.

It's my first time editing a wiki entry so I'll improve this and tell more about myself as soon as I learn how :)

Hope to get to know you all and make many new friends! :)