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I've been doing a cursory web-trawl looking for any concrete theories linking the idea of globalization and patriotism in some way. There's not a whole lot out there, and what is there is very focused on very narrow domains (the globalization of Accountancy Standards, anyone?), HOWEVER, this is the gist of what I read.

- The supposition in the literature seems to be that you reject globalization if you're a patriot (duh) and that whether or not you play a zero-sum (win-lose) game will determine whether you see mass exploitation of others (again, duh). Good to see we're not predicting something completely daft though.

- There are questions surrounding whether patriotism prevents or merely slows down globalization, or whether globalization simply destroys patriotism entirely. This latter point seems kind of interesting, but currently we have no way of introducing this into our model (and given the time constraints, I vote against trying).

- No-one seems to address the question of what happens to your degree of patriotism when it is YOUR culture that is being transmitted. This may be something our study can shed light on, but we probably need to put more thought into how our agents switch cultures.

- It is actually an open question as to whether globalization diminishes cultural diversity. It seems that cultures under pressure from a global competitor often come up with surprisingly robust ways of avoiding being taken over - either intentionally through legislation (think of the measures taken by the French to preserve their language) or unintentionally (through lots of '-ization' processes, the coolest of which has to be 'glocalization': only considering/reanlaysing/adopting the global culture in the terms of your own local culture, thus creating some kind of monster hybrid)

I think at our next meeting we should pick a few specific questions that we aim to address in our study. That will help narrow down a literature search, although I reckon we might just have to wing it a bit. ;o)