Systems Biology and the Physical Foundations of Aging - Themes

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Systems Biology and Aging


Emerging Themes and Theme Clusters (bottom of page). Click on Theme Clusters for summaries.

Emerging Themes

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  • Help! Massive mtDNA sequence database
  • Identification of methods/models/theories for predicting system degeneration (frailty)
  • Quantifying redundancy and understanding its relationship to robustness
  • Integrative cell system
  • Systems biology of survival curves
  • Signaling dynamics and aging
  • How can systems biology contribute to Genomics 2.0?
  • Capturing the complexity of aging and vulnerability: from gene to function
  • Age-related change in network structure and function
  • Pathophysiology / systems biology of Gompertz
  • Dynamic behavior of aging systems: (i) describe, (ii) predict / mechanisms & interventions / genetic, epi, physiological / models and experiments
  • Might damage accumulation drive loss of physiological signaling complexity
  • Systems biology of survival / biological time - network topology, dynamics
  • Sexual conflict and aging
  • Genomics and evolution in age-structured populations
  • Stochastic determinants of aging
  • Longitudinal measures of aging
  • Urbanisation as a driver of longevity, lifespan, and healthspan
  • Development of quantitative predictive generic (universal) for understanding aging, longevity and mortality from molecules to ecosystems and populations


Major Theme Clusters