Stephen Guerin

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Hey All!

I'm looking forward to meeting the class! I'll be presenting concepts in Agent-Based Modeling with Owen Densmore.

As a bit of background, I am the founder of Santa Fe Complex, a non-profit public workspace down in the Santa Fe Railyard that hosts many applied complexity projects. Some of the projects are playful explorations at the intersection of art, technology and science and others are more real-world applications. While you're here this summer, please think of sfComplex as a second home. Drop in, check your email, give a brownbag talk, hang out...

I am also a principal in Redfish Group, an R&D consultancy in Santa Fe for agent-based modeling and visualization. We've worked on a wide range of models including crowd dynamics, traffic evacuation, pharmaceutical portfolios, criminal justice systems, semantic networks, sealevel change, and illicit drug networks. More propaganda on Redfish than you'll ever need is at

I'm currently interested in the intersection of game technologies and agent-based modeling and the use of tangible computing technologies <> to augment participatory agent-based models.

At the turn of the century, I worked at the now defunct Bios Group in Stu Kauffman's research group and as a senior software developer on the visualization team. Based on some of Stu's ideas around Autonomous Agents, I developed a research interest in generalized non-equilibrium approaches to understanding self-organizing systems and certain classes of agent-based models. If you're interested in potential Artificial Life projects in this space, let me know!

I live here in Santa Fe with my wife, Alison, and my two young sons.