Srideep Musuvathy

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I'm a PhD student in Electrical Engineering specializing in non-linear dynamics and controls at the university of Southern California (USC). I am also pursuing a masters degree in Mathematics. Most of my research revolves around how systems synchronize to create interesting behaviours.

Apart from my professional work, I love to go into the wilderness for a hike or long drives. I also enjoy a good book or a drink with friends! Looking forward to doing all of it in Santa Fe.

More About Me

Main Interests: My broad interests revolve around dynamical systems and control theory. On one hand, I am interested in abstract dynamical systems: topological, number theoretic, algebraic and analytic properties of dynamical systems and of the notion of control. On the other hand, I like to analyze complex systems (taking examples from biology usually, but also in robotics, economics, sociology, etc.) using tools from mathematics.

Expertise: I am primarily a dynamist and a control theorist/engineer. My education and research experience ranges over design and analysis of various systems (biological, robotic, virtual reality). I can contribute as a theoretician (in mathematics - control theory, dynamical systems, analysis) and as an engineer (modeling - biological systems, mechanical systems; design - control systems, virtual reality systems, robotic systems, software/simulations).

What I hope to get out of the CSSS: I would like to meet people from different areas and find real world examples to complex systems to which I can apply theoretical knowledge. I believe that many examples originating from 'unrelated' areas share similar fundamental properties that look similar in the language of mathematics. Once these systems are expressed in this language, analysis of one can lead to understanding of many other similar problems. With this motivation, I would like to get in touch with cy fellow researchers from different areas working towards the 'same' goal.

Project Idea: On the notion of control for an abstract dynamical systems. While traditionally, control theory has been focused on dealing with dynamical systems with a lot of structure (usually differentiable manifolds, Riemann manifolds, etc), a large class of other systems have not attracted the attention they warrant. Some work has been done in area of ergodic theory. In particular, the idea of control in such a system (i.e., with a measure theoretic structure) is either to increase (cardiac systems, crypto-systems) or decrease (to better predict) the entropy. I would like to explore the notion and a definition of control of dynamical systems in an abstract setting (i.e., considering a pair of a topological space and a function) such that as more structure is added to these systems, the definition takes on properties as special cases. While I believe that this idea might be too ambitious for a 2 week project, a smaller, less ambitious goal may be achievable.