Shweta Singh

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I am a fourth year PhD student in Department of Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University. My research focuses on accounting of ecosystem services in Life Cycle Assessment for sustainability assessment. I have also been looking at bio geochemical cycles and their role in supporting human activities. The coupled human-natural system is a complex system that motivated me to come to Santa Fe and understand the complex systems science. Recently, I have also been looking at the complexity of economic networks for production of certain products such as gasoline or bio-fuels and identify the system vulnerabilities to various resource disruption utilizing the network analysis approach.

My expertise is in Economic Input-Output model, Life Cycle Assessment, process engineering and other manufacturing processes and I hope to bring the engineering perspective to the summer school and role of interdisciplinary interactions among complex systems scientists to work on real problems for addressing issues of sustainability.

I expect to learn the methods of complex systems analysis, network analysis, thermodynamics of complex systems and many others and understand their application in engineering and design of systems.