Sally Maki

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Hi my name is Sally, my email is sallymaki(at)berkeley(dot)edu; feel free to touch base. I'm very excited about this school and meeting such a cool crowd :-).

I am currently a second year master's student in an interdisciplinary program at UC Berkeley called the Energy and Resources Group ( My undergrad degree is in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton, Ohio, which is also where I spent most of my time growing up. I'm currently working on a carbon footprint calculator (see for the Berkeley Institute of the Environment. I am also working on a project called Berkeley FIRST, about solar financing, with the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab ( In the past I've worked on indoor air pollution in developing countries, and economic modeling of precision farming. I like to hang out with my neighbors, watch foreign films, "play" on my computer, and explore new places and activities.

I am interested in:

☼ Environmental sustainability

☼ Resource management

☼ Information technology

☼ Education

☼ International development

☼ Social systems and movements

☼ Design

...and the relationships between them. In particular, I am interested in how information technology can be utilized to improve resource management of all kinds.