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Josh Bongard

Bongard J. (2013). Evolutionary robotics. Communications of the ACM 56(8): 74-85.

John Seely Brown

The Social Life of Learning

CV Publications

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Jessica Flack

Effects of changing technology on social networks

Ay, N., Krakauer, D.C. and Flack, J.C. Robustness, causal networks, and experimental design, Princeton University Press, In prep.

Krakauer, D.C. & Flack, J.C. (edited volume in three part series). Complexity & Inference in Evolution, Princeton University Press, In prep-early days.

Flack, J.C. Life's Information Hierarchy. Space and Time, Pattern and Beauty.

Eric Henderson

For Thought-Provoking Entertainment: Novels by Eric Henderson


Mathur, D. and Henderson, E. 2013. Complex DNA Nanostructures from Oligonucleotide Ensembles, ACS Synthetic Biology, 2(4), 180-185.

Radke, K. M., Nettikadan, Johnson, J. C., Vengasandra, S. G. and Henderson, E.. 2004. ViriChip enhances RT-PCR in biological fluids and environmental samples. Analytical Biochemistry 330(2) 350-352.

Lynch, M., Mosher, C., Huff, J., Nettikadan, S., Johnson, J., and Henderson, E.. 2004. Functional protein nanoarrays for biomarker profiling. Proteomics 6 (4), 1695-1702.

Johnson, J. C., Nettikadan, S. R., Vengasandra, S. G. and Henderson, E.. 2004. Analysis of solid-phase immobilized antibodies by atomic force microscopy. J. Biochem. Biophys. Meth. 59 (2) 167-180.

Lauren Ancel Meyers

Respiratory virus transmission dynamics . . . I Eggo, Scott, Galvani and Meyers

Disease Surveillance on Complex Social Networks l Herrera, Meyers and more

Real-time Zika risk assessment in the United States l Castro, Meyers and more

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Mickey McManus

Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology

José Lobo

How hard is it for urban economies to become ‘green’?

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Rafael Pereira

The Book That’s Finally Solved Collaborative Problem-Solving

Steen Rasmussen

Generating minimal living systems from nonliving materials and increasing their evolutionary abilities

BINC Manifesto A Manifesto for the Emerging Technological and Societal Transition l Rasmussen with input from others

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SFI papers on Innovation

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